natural dying with herbs, spices and minerals


With the increasing awareness of health and environmental hazardous of synthtic and chemical dyes, the old culture of textile dyeing with natural sources is an important part of our philosophy. It is our aim and effort to help revive this old culture. The colorants we use for dying as well as printing our organic fabrics are derived from plants and minerals. The majority are vegetable dyes from plant sources such as roots, berries, bark, leaves and wood. Natural indigo powder for example is the legendary source of colourfast blues. Its ability to produce a wide range of blues has made it the most succesful dye plant ever. Madder is a root which is used for red tones and turmeric for a bright sunny yellow, just to mention our favourites. These sources are not only biodegradable but also have medicinal properties. Surrounding yourself with natural colors you become sensitized and used to the harmonious energies they radiate. Once you can realize the difference of look, touch, smell and frequency you do not want to go back to conventional colours.