Woodblock printing


For the block printing of our organic fabrics – also known as Ajrak – we collaborate with artisans from the village Ajrakhpur in Kutch. The century old traditional craft is done by the muslim community of previously Sindh from Pakistan, Rajasthan and Gujarat. The craft of each state in India reflect the influence of different empires. Ajrakh prints have deep influence on the designs by the Mughal era. The traditional Ajrakh patterns have a strong sense of geometry and are inspired by the islamic architectural elements, repetition and holy geometry. The patterns are carved out of wooden blocks by master craftsmen. An error of just millimetres from one corner of the block to another renders printing of the cloth impossible. The blocks are dipped in natural dye and precisely placed in rythm to cover the whole fabric. For our collection we also have our own blocks carved according to our design.