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Women sitting on the beach wearing organic cotton outfits with blockprinted patterns by sustainable fashion label Brown Rice Studio


After the kala cotton is dyed with organic colours, it is block printed using an ancient process known as Ajrakh.

Ajrakh is a traditional vegetable dying and resist block printing process that originated in the Indus Valley Civilization. The artisans we collaborate with come from the village Ajrakhpur in Kutch. The traditional craft is done by the Muslim community of Sindh who migrated to Kutch in Gujarat and Bamer in Rajasthan. 

The patterns are carved on to wooden blocks by master craftsmen. Before the craftsman begins the blockprinting process, he dips each block in a natural dye. With precise movements, masterered over many years, he stamps the blocks on the fabrics in a rhythmic pattern that ensures the entire length and breadth is covered uniformly.  


For our collection we also have our own blocks carved according to our design.



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