Brown Rice Studio


BROWN RICE STUDIO creates handmade apparel for the curated wardrobe.

A fusion of old world heritage craftsmenship with contemporary fashion design.

Each of our production steps is resource-conscious and ethical:

  • The fibres are organically farmed

  • The fabrics are handspun and handwoven

  • The prints and dyes are natural and free of chemicals 

  • The transportation ways are very short. Everything is produced in the same region 

  • Minimal electricity is being used in the process

  • We follow the zero waste philosophy and use waste fabric for patchwork

  •  We support local arts and crafts and especially involve women artisans

  • The working conditions and loans are set by the artisans


Each artisan community we are working with has a different culture, caste or religion.
All are dependent on each other and supplying each other. The elaborate poduction chain
of highly skilled artisans takes time and patience, and coordination because many hands are involved in it.

 Our brand symbolizes how interwoven, interconnected and dependend we all are.

As the Name BROWN RICE STUDIO suggests it is natural, nutritious, nourishing, substantial, wholesome, rich in content and healthy for the people and the planet and should bring food to the table of everyone involved.

We offer limited editions of exclusively hand made collections to retailers
and end consumers.


"By buying our fashion products you are supporting a sustainable way of living as well as preserving a bit of traditional handicraft heritage of India and cultural identity of ethnic people"



Sustainable, fairly traded, supporting the artisan culture and helping to preserve the century old textile heritage of Kutch.