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by Miriam Strehlau

Nestled amidst the lush Rice fields of Goa, India, lies Brown Rice Studio. This creative fashion design workspace is reflective of designer Miriam Strehlau’s personal ethos of conscious living; rooted in her German upbringing where, “Farm to Table” and all things “Slow” were an everyday way of life. Armed with a degree in Fashion Design and an inexplicable pull toward India and her colourful chaos; Miriam’s design language is richly laced with diverse nomadic experiences from her time spent in various parts of Africa and India.


Since its inception, Brown Rice Studio has hoped to remain focused on ethos rather than fleeting trends, placing craftsmanship at the heart of this philosophy. Honouring traditional weaving, dyeing, and printing techniques by weaving them into the design language, Brown Rice Studio believes in creating small batch, slow-made clothing in collaboration with groups of artisans, preserving traditional skills and fostering meaningful connections with local communities. Small batches also ensure that each piece is meticulously handcrafted with care, resulting in garments that embody the love and attention to detail.


Inspired by the rich heritage of traditional craft textiles, coupled with Miriam’s intrinsic ability to interpret seemingly common everyday textiles, Brown Rice Studio crafts distinctive pieces that have garnered acclaim, including the Gen Next Award at Lakme India Fashion Week and features in leading fashion magazines worldwide.


From flowing, colourful batik dresses crafted from upcycled silk sarees to Kutchi mirror embroideries finding a contemporary disposition via her structured sustainable Kala Cotton Jackets, the studio's designs embody tradition with a contemporary edge.


Miriam's intuitive approach to modernising traditional textiles while preserving their essence produces vibrant designs bursting with colour, joy, and individuality, all while remaining true to conscious and sustainable practices.

Gen Next Designer 2011
Lakmé Fashion Week, Mumbai

Work an life of Designer Miriam Strehlau presented by Vogue India



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