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Organic Cotton Tracksuits for Men_edited.jpg


 This line of timeless casual chic and sporty elegance reflects the philosophy of Brown Rice Studio that design should be an amalgamation of sustainability, comfort and style. A fusion of old world Textile Heritage, indigenious knowledge and New Earth Zeitgeist.


Kala cotton is an old world cotton, native to the arid districts of Kachchh in Gujarat. The hardy indigenous cotton is not genetically modified, and grows naturally without irrigation, chemical fertilisers or pesticides. It is handwoven and naturally dyed or Block printed in the same area, making it an almost carbon neutral fabric. 


The weavers who work with the cotton come from the Hindu community in Bhujodi. While the women spin the yarn, the men weave the fabrics on handlooms at home. The artisans are self-employed master weavers with centuries old knowledge that is passed on from generation to generation. The Tracksuits are gender fluid and long time favourite signature pieces of Brown Rice Studio.


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