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Two young women wearing naturally dyed Organic Cotton outfits by sustainable fashion label Brown Rice Studio


The muted colour palette of our clothes owes its softness to the natural dyes derived from plants and minerals. Natural dying and printing is an intrinsic part of ethical fashion. It involves extracting and processing colorants from roots, berries, bark, leaves, wood, stone and mud.

Take for example the natural dye, indigo. It has the ability to produce a wide range of blues making it one of the most  successful dye plants ever. Madder is a root used to derive red tones and turmeric imparts a bright sunny yellow to organic fabrics.


Since the dyes are derived from plant and mineral matter, they are naturally calm on the eye and their medicinal properties keep the body naturally cool.

Our aim to help revive this old tradition.

Close up of a natural dyed organic cotton fabric


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